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Donating Books To Mahabodhi Children's Home

                Mahabodhi Children’s Home is located in the middle of a Rubber Estate in Gampaha District. We reached Mahabodhi Children’s Home around 2.30pm and we were welcomed by the Director, Ven. Suseema Thero,   the Matron who looks after the children. After that, religious rites were performed by Ven.Suseema Thero. Then the children were briefed on the Asian Pacific Children’s Convention, BRIDGE CLUB Sri Lanka and the activities carried out by BCSL towards a world of Peace and Co-existence by Ven. Suseema Thero. In his speech Ven. Suseema Thero emphasized the importance of reading too. Then we handed over the books to the children of Mahabodhi Children’s Home. They were very happy to receive such a donation as they had not received such things before. Later we distributed the sweets that we brought among the children. We spent about one hour speaking with them with a view to know about their ins and outs.

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Donating Books To Mahabodhi Children’s Home



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We have planned to donate story books to a children's home with orphans located in Mirigama on 01st of May 2010 at 2.30pm. This project is organized by Thejaani Udumanne (JA 2003 / PA 2009).