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Special Bridge Club Revival Meeting 05/12/2010

A Special BCSL meeting was held on the 5th December 2010 in order to revive the activities of the
club and to re-instate it to its former glory.

The meeting was convened by the past PAs including Niroshan Muwanwella, Sujith Jayasuriya,
Ahshan Ali, Dulanjan Lokupathirage, Jayanaka Rivimal and other active members including
Thrindra Guruge, Dilshan Jayathilake and Lakmal Muthugama. By the time the meeting was
called, a facebook page has already been made and there were 44 members. Also, a draft new
logo was already designed.

Niroshan took to the chair and the meeting was called to order at 9.30am. According to custom,
the meeting began with recitation of the national anthem. Then, we decided to introduce
ourselves to the rest of the participants. All the members introduced themselves and the meeting
came to life. 44 members had come to the meeting, exceeding the target we set at 35.

Next, we showed a special video on the history and the past projects to the new members of the
club. The unity of the members and the spirit and the vigour with which we took part in the
projects was depicted in the video. Thereafter, Niroshan addressed the gathering and did a
presentation on the importance of the bridge club concept and the benefits of belonging to the

Next, Dulanjan unveiled the proposed logo and the new concept of Bridge Club Sri Lanka. The
members received the new image of the club in unison and thus, the re-launch of BCSL was a
total success. The proposed concept of member Identity Cards and T-shirts was discussed here.
Also, the proposed new website was unveiled which is and the formation of
the new member database was discussed.

Then Sujith and Ahshan talked about the most important item in the agenda, which was re-
connecting with members who have lost contact. Year leaders were appointed and were given the
task of contacting their fellow JAs and to invite them for the next meeting and to update the
Club with their contact details. A new target was set to get every single member to participate in
at least one meeting by the end of 2011.

Year Leaders

1989  Sujith Jayasuriya
           Niroshan Muwanwella

1990  Nilanga Dehigama
1991  Tharindra Guruge
1992  Ahshan Ali
1993  Mohomed Rizme
1994  Samudra Hettige
1995  Madhavi Wijayapala
1996  Dulanjan Lokupathirage
1997  Ranil Jayasuriya

1998  Ishan Jayasinghe
1999  Dilshan Jayathilake
2000  Lahiru Abeyweera
2001  Lakmal Muthugama
2002  Hindujasvini Navaratnarajah
2003  Jayanaka Rivimal
2006  Piyumi Kavindya
2007  Dyani aponso
2008  Shalini Madushani
2009  Shimani Attygalle

Next was the time to discuss the next projects. Current President, Jayanaka Rivimal updated the
attendees about the common activity set by the PAs in 2010. We agreed on an awareness tour of
the members to the best known rain forest in Sri Lanka, Sinharaja. We decided on this project
because it would give the members an opportunity to get to know each other, to jointly
participate in the project and to learn about an aspect of the environment we sometimes take for
granted. We also decided that we would take pictures of the project and later use the images to
hold a photographic exhibition. The original idea of the project was by Dilshan Jayathilake. We
set the date of 15th January 2011 for the project.

Next project we discussed was an idea by Dyani Aponso. She proposed that we undertake a
scholarship project to help a few poor schoolchildren. She had already found some sponsors and
will be launching it simultaneously with the environmental project. We later would like to expand
the project to involve students from all the districts of the country.

Next was the time for open discussion. Parents who have helped us members in the early stages
of the club commended the conveners on taking steps to re-launch the club. There was a
suggestion from Hindujasvini that in her area young students are hardly aware that there is an
opportunity of participating in APCC of they did well in the examination. She suggested that we
hold awareness campaigns and in addition to spreading the news of BCSL, we could contribute by
inspiring them to do well in their studies by that way. It was duly noted. Most of the parents
suggested that we involve the media to raise awareness about the BCSL. We advised the members
that we plan to do a media advertisement campaign to find members at some stage. There was
also a suggestion that we should aim to get the T-shirts printed prior to the environment project.
In conclusion we took photographs of the members.

The meeting was an immense success and some key decisions were taken at the meeting. The
new logo and the website were unveiled and the club was officially re-launched.

By the time this report is compiled, the membership of the facebook group has exceeded 60.

Niroshan Muwanwella
JA 1989, PA 1998
Founder Treasurer

Report of BCSL Meeting 05-12-10.pdf


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