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New Logo of BCSL

Bridge Club Sri Lanka has introduced a new logo in the revival meeting on 5th December 2012.The purpose of having the new logo is to introduce a colorful logo and to introduce a logo goes parallely with the Bridge Club International registered logo with rainbow colors


Kethiswaram Singravel 1991 JA and 2002 PA a professional of advertising got the responsibility of designing the new logo and came up with an excellent output which was approved by each and every participant of the revival meeting.

The idea of the new logo

  • Since Bridge Club Sri Lanka is a part of Bridge Club International, part of the Logo has Bridge Club registered Logo with BRIDGE CLUB wording unchanged which has the rainbow colors in it.
  • The different colors of hands symbolize those volunteers from different cultures, languages and religions together with unity to serve for the world under the theme of the APCC.
  • Also the hand stands for helping people in need, especially something that involves physical effort. The commitment, dedication and the teamwork is also represented by the hands.
  • The colors of the hands inherited from the colors of national flag of Sri Lanka which represents the races of the Sri Lankans and their unity.
  • The word SRI LANKA in Black color stands out to show the strength of the club and the identity of Sri Lanka.­­

 prepared by :- Lakmal Muthugama (Vice President BCSL 2011/2012)

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