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Mission Project 2011

2011 was the year which turned the way of BRIDGE CLUB SRI LANKA into a new perspect.After the relaunch of the club, the first massive project we done was the mission project 2011. A group of Japanese ambassadors including 15 children and 3 leaders visited Sri Lanka for 5 days. Mrs. Mariko kajihara was the team leader. Though it was a short period of 5 days, we started to get ready few months before the project.

First we called a meeting for all the members of BCSL at the ministry of education to make them aware of the upcoming mission project. There, we asked them to act as host families during these 5 days. We had an admirable response from them. Therefore it was not difficult to find host families. In this process ministry of education helped us to finalize host families. After that together with MOE we planned activities for our friends during their stay. We wanted to give an unforgettable experience to them in Sri Lanka.

On the             of March, some senior members of BCSL and officials from ministry were eager to see our friends at the airport. They arrived Sri Lanka at about 12 midnight. We welcomed them warmly. It was a great moment which recalled our sweet memories during our stay in Japan. That night they spend in Hotel Renuka, Colombo.


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Next day the welcome ceremony was organized at the Sanghamiththa girl’s school. There Japanese children were handed over to their respectable host families. Some cultural items were performed by both Japanese and Sri Lankan children.

Next day there was a school visit. It was held at                                                       vidyalaya.

Most exciting event of the programme was in 3rd day. It was the get together organized by BCSL members. The place was                                                              Rajagiriya. BCSL members, their parents, officials from ministry had a real nice time with Japanese ambassadors. The event was also delighted with music and refreshments. Children were allowed to play some really fun games. This must have been an event which would not forget for a long long time for all of us.

Next day a trip was organized to hill country, Kandy. There they could observe many cultural and natural important places in Sri Lanka.

In the last day farewell party was held at Nalanda College. Minister of education, Mr. Bandula Gunawardena was the chief guest of the occasion. Students of the Nalanda College performed some dancing items there. Our Japanese friends were also kind enough to delight us with there skills. Mrs. Mariko thanked all of us about organizing a successful mission project. Saying good bye was not easy. All of us had tears in our eyes. In the night of                                March, we went to the airport to say good bye to our dearest friends.

Though there was a very tight schedule in the project, we, senior members did not forget to discuss regarding matters of BCSL and APCC with the leaders of the team. There we explained them the present situation of BCSL and they agreed to help us in rebuilding BCSL.

Though there were some hiccups, after all we are really happy to organize a successful mission project together with the ministry of education.

prepared by :- Jayanaka Rivimal Senarath(JA2003, PA 2010)

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