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Support to the JA Training 2011

The Junior Ambassadors to participate to the 23rd APCC Fukuoka Japan was selected by the liaison office Ministry of Education Sri Lanka. 6 students were selected according to the criteria followed in previous years and selected the group to represent cultural variety of Sri Lanka. We, the Bridge Club Sri Lanka is grateful to the Ministry of Education for their commitment and dedication in this regard.

The training programme were held on Lumbini College Colombo 05 under the guidance of qualified teachers of best schools in Colombo and under the supervision of Ministry of Education. The president and Vice President of Bridge Club Sri Lanka as the PAs for the 23rd APCC also participated to the program and helped and motivated JAs to go through the training well and shared the experience they had as JAs in previous years.


Currently the Sri Lankan JA Training programme starts near the end of April and continues until the first week of February in the week ends both Saturday and Sunday. The liaison Office sponsor for all the arrangements and organizing of the JA Training. Two cultural dancing items are practiced by JAs and they enhance their ability of dancing well with the programme. Japanese Language and English Language are trained by another 2 teachers and at the end of training JAs are able to manage 2 Language as needed in the convention.

Since Bridge Club members participated to the JA training program and helped JAs their relationship became stronger and they became really close to each other. It was like a one family. Because of that Bridge Club Sri Lanka thoroughly believes the necessity of participating to the JA training strengthening the relationship among us.


After participating this year 23rd APCC our PAs suggested the liaison office to add some other features to the JA training programme. Still those suggestions are on discussion and the JA training programme will be a more updated one after the implementation of new features.

  1. Activities on team work
  2. Activities on experience gathering
  3. Activities on experience sharing

Bridge Club Sri Lanka hopes to give the maximum support and involvement in uplifting the current better standard JA training programme to a level which has higher coverage in APCC theme than now.

prepared by :- Lakmal Muthugama (Vice President BCSL 11/12)

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