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Welcome an Everyday Ambassador

Mr. Shinichiro Muta a well wisher and a volunteer for the APCC arrived Sri Lanka with some other delegation team CFA Japan to help children in rural areas with financial and other difficulties. Mutasan had given the prenotice of his arrival to the President BCSL Mr. Dilshan Jayathilake. Since this is a good opportunity to refresh our friendship in BRIDGE we planned to have several activities with him within the leisure time of his schedule in Sri Lanka.

The delegation team arrived Sri Lanka on 26th August 2011 and President Dilshan Jayathilake and the Vice President Lakmal Muthugama went to Bandaranayake International Airport Katunayake to join with the welcome of the delegation team. The chief incumbent of Mahindaramaya was also there and we joined with them and support them with the arrangements of their transport etc. there.



Mutasan informed BCSL that he leave the country on 5th September 2011 and he likes to join with the club activities on 3rd September 2011. Since we didn’t have enough time the club arranged a programme according to the situation.


Phases of the project

  1. 26th August – join with the welcome of delegation
  2. 3rd September
    •  launch of the everyday ambassador with the scouts of 42nd Colombo Scout group
    • Visit to Kelaniya temple
    • Visit to water world Kelaniya
    • Lunch at Dilshan’s house

      3.  5th September – join with the departure of Mutasan

Launch of the Everyday Ambassador

On 3rd Sepetember early in the morning Mutasan and Dilshan came to the Viharamahadevi Park Colombo to join with the scout camporee at Colombo. Lakmal Muthugama the assistant scout Leader of the 42nd Colombo Scout Group welcomed him to the scout group and introduced him to the scout troop.

Scouts joined with their wonderful visitor and enjoyed a lot by sharing their performances and activities. The everyday ambassador project was initiated their as the first launch of everyday ambassador project in the world. The scouts were not aware of the project and BCSL. The President and Vice president explained them about the club and the project well and tried their maximum to spread the message of APCC through the Sri Lankan community.



The scouts were asked to join with Mutasan through facebook and have the friendship forever. BCSL thoroughly  believes that the hope of BRIDGE and the global friendship can be developed through these efforts.



Mutasan, Manoj, Lakmal and Dilshan started to move on to the proceedings and went to Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya a well known temple in Colombo region. Mutasan has travlled to many important places but he mentioned us that it was the first time of visiting the Kelaniya temple.




Mutasan worshipped Lord Buddha and followed all the procedures taken place in the temples and it was reflected the cultural sharing experience which is always a part of APCC.  We Bridge Club Sri Lanka thoroughly believes that the world peace is nothing more than the cultural understanding.




The next place to visit was the water world in Kelaniya. The water world is consisted with a bird park and aquarium with various kinds of birds and fish of the world. Many Sri Lankans visit to the place in leisure times and we went and got a new kind of experience in the reach of Kelani river.




We all were hungry at the moment since it was noon of the day. Mutasan and all of us seems to be tired with the activities of whole morning session. We hurried up to Dilshan’s home to have the lunch. When we visit their Dilshan’s family members warmly welcomed us and arranged a deleicious lunch. Mutasan will never forget the cashew nut dish he had since it was the first time he experienced it in Sri Lanka After the lunch we all said good by for the day and dismissed.




Dilshan , Manoj and Lakmal joined with the departure of Mutasan on 5th December at the Katunayake International Airport and  said good bye with the hope of seeing soon and another international understanding project of BCSL was successfully finished


prepared by :- Lakmal Muthugama (Vice President BCSL 2011/2012)

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