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PA Reunion

Niroshan Muwanwella &Kethishwaram Singaravel are two dedicated, passionate senior members of BSCL who live in abroad. It was 28th November 2011, I got the message that they are coming for a visit to Sri Lanka for a vacation. This was a rare opportunity that we will get, to meet all our former PAs. Therefore we planned a small PA’s get together.  It was scheduled on 4th December 2011, at Ceylon Continental Hotel.

PA Reunion1.jpg

Most of the Past PAs accepted the invitation warmly and confirmed their presence to the event. This kind of event was not experienced in past few years of Bridge Club Sri Lanka and everyone was enthusiastic with the event. 12 members participated to the event their names are as follows

  1. Niroshan Muwanwella – JA 1989 – PA 1998
  2. Singravel Kethiswaram – JA 1991 – PA 2002
  3. Ahshan Ali – JA 1992 – PA 1999
  4. Dulanjan Lokupathirage – JA 1996 – PA 2001
  5. Tharindra Guruge – JA 1991
  6. Asanka Abeyweera – JA 2000 – PA 2006
  7. Kavinath Hewagamage – JA 2001 – PA 2008
  8. Sheroze Sheriffdeen – JA 2003 – PA 2008
  9. Thejani Udumanne – JA 2003 – PA 2009
  10. Jayanaka Rivimal – JA 2003 – PA 2010
  11. Dilshan Jayathilake – JA 1999 – PA 2011
  12. Lakmal Muthugama – JA 2001 – PA 2011

Our most senior PA, Dr Niroshan Muwan wella led the meeting. In this we have been able to discuss the issues that BSCL had and also to get their opinions for the future of BCSL.PA Reunion2.jpg
  1. Registration of BCSL - It was decided to register under Divisional Secretariat as a social service society and then register under the Ministry of Social Services.
  2. A permanent Telephone number for BCSL - It was decided to get a permanent and fixed telephone number for the club from Etisalat network.
  3. Official website- It was decided to launch a official website for the club, which includes members details, recent activities etc.
  4. Updating the database – The dead line was given as 15th December 2011 to update the database and Lakmal Muthugama and Ahshan Ali was appointed to handle the project
  5. Future activities - i] " BRIDGE Building the unbuilt" Inaugural member get together - The most important decision taken at the meeting was to organize a get together for BCSL members and their parents in order to rekindle old friendships and create new bonds among members.
    ii] Fund raising - It was decided to organize some fund raising programmes as it is essential to raise funds if we need to achieve our targets.
    iii] Newsletter - It was decided to publish and distribute a newsletter among BCSL members in order to make them aware about recent activities, future plans etc.


Since we gave been doing many community services throughout the all passed years, we decided to do something for the members also. A percentage of activities were decided to target our member, and to develop their skills and abilities.

As the initiative, the Bridge.building the unbuilt project was taken place, having a get together and a workshop for all JAs. Date was fixed to 17th December 2011. It was only two weeks from today. We made a promise to our hearts to make it a success. We know that it is just fourteen days; we have a lot to do. But nothing is impossible with the spirit and the bond we have with BCSL.

PA Reunion3.jpg


prepared by :- Lakmal Muthugama (Vice Preseident BCSL 2011/2012)


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