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BCV's first inner-BC project: #Onedayonesharing


Mama of Ni 02.jpgBCV is running our first inner-BC activity: #Onedayonesharing. This is one of our PR campaign that is run on social media, specifically Facebook fanpage. Every member of BCV is allowed to participate in this project. They will write a short paragraph about their impressions about APCC or their best memories or experiences in Fukuoka and send it with their most favorite photo in Japan to our email. All of their posts will be uploaded on BCV's Facebook fanpage with #onedayonesharing #innerBCVactivity. So far, we have received many sharings from JAs not only in the recent years but also from those who joined APCC long time ago, it is a good signal that BCV is developing. The final result of this project will be updated soon. Stay tuned and share with us your story through: 


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