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BCV's first interBC project- BCV tourguide

For the past few years, BCV members have been welcoming many members of APCC from around the world, especially from Fukuoka, Japan, who traveled our beautiful country, Vietnam. 

 In 2014, Asley Morgan, volunteer in the 26th APCC visited Ha Noi, Vietnam, Nguyen Chau Anh- JA 2014 hosted her and was her guide around Ha Noi and Ha Long Bay. 


Also, BCV members in the northern part and in the southern part have welcomed Sim Yoshiyuki, PA and Volunteer in Japan many times. 




From this year, with an aim to strengthen the relationship between BCV and other BCs, we have decided to run the inter-BC activity, namely BCV TOURGUIDE.

We warmly welcome all members of APCC from all over the world to Vietnam. By simply contacting any member of BCV when you have a plan to visit Vietnam, members of BCV will update your travel details in our Facebook group so that members who live near the place that APCC members are about to come will know and welcome them to guide them around the place.

Our first trip was successful. On the 1st, August 2016, Mr. Muta-san, volunteer of APCC visited Hue city, Vietnam. Nguyen Khoa Ngoc Ha-JA 2010, PA 2015 had a warm meeting with him and guided him around Hue.



It is the first inter-BC activity that we have ever run, we hope that this will help maintain strong BCV and enhance the close relationship with all APCC members. 


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