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BCV - Professional Sharing Meeting Report

As almost all of the active members in BRIDGE CLUB Vietnam are now entering university, we would live to provide them with opportunities where they can gain essential understandings about invaluable skillsets and knowledge for their career orientation. Leveraging the pool of professional active members that we currently have, we organized a monthly meeting with the attendance of Ms. Dao Thi Van Anh, Junior E-commerce manager at Nestle Vietnam to share her work experience as well as answer other undergraduate members' questions regarding working life and professional environment. 


The video was shared to our internal Facebook group so that other members who are still in their high school or even younger can watch and get a pretty much a rough picture of working life and grasp some inspiration. The sharing part is in Vietnamese so that as many as BCV members are willing to watch and understand. 

The link to the video: <>

The meeting was a success since attendees were all significantly inspired and learnt many interesting insights and somehow knew what they should strive for to nail a dream job in the future.

In the near future, we hope to organize more meaningful and useful events like that with an expansion in the participant pool so that we can spread out our impact even more.







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