How to report an official BRIDGE CLUB Establishment

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BRIDGE CLUB Establishment

Standards for BRIDGE CLUB (BC) establishment have been renewed. Existing BCs should also submit a BC establishment report. Formal BC establishments for each country/region will only be acknowledged after receiving this report.

BRIDGE CLUB Establishment Standards

(1) Have at least 3 members (including the President), who are past APCC participants. 
(2) Having held a meeting at least once. 
(3) Able to receive the cooperation of an APCC liaison office.*

* If the BC cannot achieve formal establishment recognition by an APCC liaison office due to situations in the country/region or any other unavoidable circumstance, the BC may become exempt from this condition. For example, if the BC is able to provide support with JA training and preparations in the case of accepting a delegation from the Japan Mission Project, then it is recognized to meet the standards.

After meeting the above qualifications, please submit a “BRIDGE CLUB Establishment Report” (form No.A001) to the BCIO Head Office and a local APCC liaison office, as well as the “BCIO Website information” (form No.A002) to the BCIO Head Office

(A001) BC Establishment  (Word42KB)

(A002) BCIO Website Information  (Word38KB)