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See Beyond Boarders utilized the power of video and the creativity of BRIDGE CLUB members to share unique cultures and traditions from all around the world.

BRIDGE CLUBs made short video documentaries about different aspects of their country’s culture and share these through the APCC Facebook page.

This Common Activity helped spread the OMOIYARI spirit worldwide and strengthen our network of global citizens.


BRIDGE CLUBs will make TWO video documentaries (3-5 minutes in length)—each documentary will feature one of the following topics:

 Food     Music/Dance/Art

• Cultural Heritage Sites/Architecture

• Cultural Dress   • Cultural/Religious Festivals • Language          • Sports  

• Peace Building/Interfaith Harmony


1st Video Submission Deadline - January 15, 2016

2nd Video Submission Deadline - May 15, 2016

Total Entries Received from BRIDGE CLUBs: 32



Winners of the 2016 Common Activity Contest

Most Views:
BRIDGE CLUB Vietnam – Culture and Historic Sites


Most Likes:
BRIDGE CLUB Pakistan – Ramadan 


Judges Choice (Quality + BC Members Participation):
BRIDGE CLUB Myanmar – Culture Heritage Site and Food


Congratulations to the winner BRIDGE CLUBs!!! 

Thank you for all your hard work to make  #SeeBeyondBorders so successful.

We are the BRIDGE!!!