BC friends


“BC friends” is a communication tool called Social Networking Service (SNS) which aims to connect people associated with APCC.
You can use it for the following purposes.

  • To have communication between BCs.
  • To get contact with your APCC friends like roommates of Marine House and the members of the same participating year or the same country/region.
  • To make new APCC friends from the countries/regions you didn’t know or the different participating year.

Please feel “Peace and Co-existence” spreading over the world by making the best use of “BC friends”.

※ Only APCC participants/associates can enter this SNS, however please have morals and be careful of handling with an individual personal data.

There are many people from different countries/regions, races, ages and genders just like you experienced when you participated in APCC. Do not forget “understanding”, “respect” and “consideration for others” when you use “BC friends”.

  • Do not write anything that might be unpleasant or harmful to specific individuals or organizations. (Try to make your statement understood correctly by stating your intention clearly if you did it by an accident.)
  • Do not write any individual data like home address or any contact information without his/her consent in diaries or comments in which anyone can read. (It is possible to be a cause of trouble even though you obtained his/her consent or it is your own will. So please be more careful when you handle with an individual personal data.)
  • Do not insert any contents which involve violence expression or sexual description.


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