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BCM has Volunteered in 'Damage Control Project' - Beach Cleaning

It is the plan of BCM for the month of October to take part in an activity by another organization in the community. In order to fulfil it, some of the BCM members took part in the ‘Damage Control Project’ by Dhi Youth Movement.

Dhi Youth Movement is an NGO in this community with a young group of volunteers who initiates events and activities which are beneficial for the people in the community and development of this country as well. Their main objective is to hold activities which will bring the other NGOs together and hence create unity among the citizens of the Maldives.

‘Damage Control Project’ is one of the many ongoing projects run by Dhi Youth Movement. This project is targeted on environmental actions such as cleaning and removing the litters on the beautiful beaches and underwater. We took part in the Beach cleaning activity which is held weekly at one of the beach areas of the Capital; Male’ City. This takes place in four different beaches from four different districts of the city. It is a project for public, so anyone regardless of the age or occupation can take part.

Six members from Bridge Club Maldives took part in this along with another 13 members from the Volunteer Group on 14th October 2016. The area we cleaned is known as the ‘Henveiru Artificial Beach’, one of the main places for people to hang out with their loved ones with stunning view of the sea around them. Within one hour and half, we all cleaned the area and collected 25 bags of litter of different types!!!

The main objective of this activity is to increase the awareness about BCM in the public as we have provided them about the information of APCC, BCIO and BCM. Most of the volunteers have not heard of us, therefore it was a good opportunity for Public Relations. Moreover, it was a pleasure to join another NGO and work together for one goal in the spirit of making new friends through an activity which is helpful for the society.

BCM and Dhi Youth Movement has also discussed about setting long term goals such as partnering and volunteering in the upcoming events of both the organizations and strengthen the friendship between us by cooperating each other in the future.

All the members had a good time bonding with the volunteers. We all are very glad to see young people taking initiative to do voluntary works like beach cleaning which would eventually benefit all of us.  We appreciate the hardwork of those amazing volunteers. We hope to see more volunteers from our community joining the projects of Dhi Youth Movement and extend the network for the betterment of all of us.

On behalf of all the BCM members, we would like to thank the volunteers of the ‘Damage Control Project’ for letting us take part in the activity and for their huge support provided in this. We look forward to work with the wonderful volunteers of this Project in the future as well.  

Our next activity will be in the month of November which will be the photoshoot for the Group Article of our Travel Guide in this year’s Common Activity, Travel Lookouts.

Find more about the Damage Control Project.

Please go through the guideline of the Common Activity 2016-2017, Travel lookouts in preparation for the next activity.

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