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Important Questionnaire for The 30th APCC Anniversary

In 2018, we will celebrate the 30th year of the APCC and have started planning an Anniversary Celebration for all former participants. This reunion, set to take place in the 2018 summer during annual APCC Invitation Project’s taking place, will include thousands of people from around the world & Fukuoka.

The date for the 30th Anniversary Celebration program is tentatively set as below;

July 14, 2018 Great Reunion Party

July 15, 2018 30th Commemorative Ceremony / JA exchange program

July 16, 2018 BC President Meeting

Culture & sightseeing activities might be planned to be offered on July 12 or 13.

As for the annual APCC invitation project, it will be carried out prospectively from July 12-24, 2018.

While the APCC office will not be able to cover your travel expenses, we hope you will still return for special occasion.

To prepare for the 30th Anniversary Celebration, we would like to hear your thoughts and interest level in participating in this event. Please fill out the questionnaire and submit it by May 15, 2017. (email :

Please download the questionnaire and fill it up:30th APCC Questionnaire.docx

An electronic version of the questionnaire can also be accessed and filled out online from: