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Smile Support Project Merchandise Fundraiser- Logo design competition

The Idea BCIO Management decided on was for each BC to produce and sell Smile Support Project Merchandise.

The steps to complete this task are;

1 - BCIO to run a competition for any APCC participant to design a printable picture that is fun and represents the Smile Support Project.

2 - For each BC to design, produce and sell merchandise.

3 - For 100% of profits to be donated to the Smile Support Project

Competition Rules

We would like any past participant of the APCC to submit a fun and appealing design that represents BC values and the Smile Support Project, that can be printed in a single color on a range of different types of products. Eg, T-shirt, Cap, Keyring, Facemask etc.

A past APCC design that we would like you to use for inspiration is:


All designs are to be submitted to by the 14th of February. The BCIO Management team will decide on a winner. The PDF will then be sent to all Presidents to use.

Production and Sale of Items

Each BC is asked to produce and sell (or pre order then produce) items for a profit and donate 100% of the profit from the sales to the Smile Support Project.

Lets work as hard as we can to sell products, promote the Smile Support Project and buy some products to help support the continuation of the APCC.