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FFLC - APCC Scholarship Program 2022

This year again, Fukuoka Foreign Language College (FFLC) has offered few scholarships to the past APCC participants who are interested to come to Fukuoka to study Japanese Language. Mr. Hitoshi Iwamoto, President of FFLC, is also one of the Board members in APCC and Board of Director in BCIO. 

Scholarship name: FFLC-APCC Scholarship Program

Benefit: All the selected applicants will have 1-year tuition fees covered by the scholarship program.

Eligibility to apply: High school graduate and 150 hours Japanese Langauge study certificate

Number of Recipients:  1-3

FUKUOKA FOREIGN LANGUAGE COLLEGE (FFLC) is now accepting applications from the members of APCC who seek study opportunities in Fukuoka, Japan. The official submission deadline is September 30, 2022. If you want to apply for this scholarship program or learn more about it, please feel free to contact Salman Bari (former APCC participant) via e-mail:


2022 APCC-FFLC-Scholarship-Program.pdf

Guideline for APCC from FFLC.pdf

2022 APCC-FFLC Information sheet.pdf

2022 Recommendation Letter (APCC-FFLC Scholarship Program).pdf