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5th BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting Invitees List

Asian Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka (APCC) and the BRIDGE CLUB International Organization (BCIO) is delightful to invite the nominated Presidents of active BRIDGE CLUB (BC) to the 5th BC Presidents Meeting to be held as part of the BRIDGE Summer Camp "BRIDGE KIDS PROGRAMS 2023". Active BRIDGE CLUB was chosen based on the past two years' BC evaluations. BCIO Management team and BC Presidents will share and discuss to implement the 5 years future plan of BCIO to boost the growth of the organization and nourish the Global BRIDGE Leaders including APCC former participants, from youth to adult.

All nominated BC Presidents will be inaugurated by BCIO at the 5th BC Presidents Meeting and the official Presidential term for all BCs is set at 2 years i.e. until the inauguration of the new Presidents at the next BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting.

Here is the list of nominated BC Presidents and BCIO Management Team members who will be attending the 5th BCPM. →  List of 5th BCPM Participants.pdf