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Selection result of the 2023 BCIO Head Office member

We are pleased to announce the selection result of the 2023 BCIO Head Office member.

We have received so many impressive applications from the BC members and it was really very difficult for us to select 2023 Head Office members. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the applicants for showing us your strong interest in BC activities, BCIO management and sharing your ideas with us.

This time we have selected 3 former PAs as BCIO Head Office members. They will be responsible to organize Virtual PA program in 2023 and PA program in Fukuoka in 2024.

Names of selected BCIO HOM:

Ms. Chanel Tiffany Pardoe, BC Australia

Mr. Hoi Lok Wong, BC Hong Kong

Ms. Raia Alexis Torrefranca Gallardo, BC Philippines



Congratulations to all three selected BCIO Head Office Members. We are looking forward to working with you!