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Guideline for 2024 BCIO Head Office Member Application

The BRIDGE CLUB International Organization (BCIO) is planning to re-invite a few former Peace Ambassadors (PAs) who are proven active leaders within the BRIDGE CLUBs (BCs) to the Peace Ambassador Program, as BCIO Head Office Member (HOM). The selected HOM are responsible to organize virtual PA program in 2024 and PA program in Fukuoka in 2025.

If you are a highly motivated person and are interested to become a BCIO HOM, please read through the following guideline thoroughly and apply by May 30, 2024. 

Number of new BCIO HO Members to be accepted:  2 ~ 3

Schedule of the Virtual PA Program

August 17, 2024 (11:00- 13:00 JST)

August 24, 2024 (11:00- 13:00 JST)

Schedule of the PA Program in Fukuoka

July 2025 (Date will be informed later)

Invitation Purposes

 1. To Develop past PA’s to become BCIOs future management team.

Since 2018, BCIO management committee has been managed by former Junior Ambassadors who have been continuously involved in developing the BCIO. We strongly believe that it is important to run BCIO with a global perspective developed by multi-national BC leaders. To nurture such leaders, we invite former Peace Ambassadors to apply to experience managing the PA program and then in the future move onto becoming a part of the BCIO management team.

2. To Guide New PAs

Since past PA’s are experienced at leading BC activities in their country/region, they know the challenges faced. Using those experiences, the selected BCIO HOM will work with the new PA’s and share their skills to develop them into becoming strong BC leaders. Moreover, they can strengthen the network between the participating countries/regions and they can also follow up with new PAs after the PA program in APCC BRIDGE Summer Camp.

3. To Motivate Members

BCIO Head Office Members need to be driven motivators. They need to encourage everyone around them and have strong communication skills.  It is important that this motivation is not only evident whilst at the PA program but also throughout the following years. BCIO HOM’s need to continuously communicate and motivate PA’s to complete the common activity and strengthen their BC’s back home. Through this the BCIO HOM’s will deepen friendships and be a good influence for future BCIO HOM’s and the BCIO network as a whole.

Application Deadline: May 30 (Thursday) 2024

Necessary document for BCIO HO Member application:

Any applications that do not meet these guidelines, (eg. incomplete documents, overdue submission, using old Application Form, and so forth) will not be accepted.

The following documents are required for BCIO HO Member application:

1. Written Application Form (Download the application form from here Application Form BCIO 2024. Be careful not to use the old version application form).

2. Application Video: Applicants must submit video application as a part of an application. Please check the instruction from here Application video instruction

3. Must submit a recommendation letter from your BC President. If you are a BC President, then get the recommendation letter from your BC member (he/she must be a former Peace Ambassador).

How to apply: Send all the required documents by email. Email to:

Selection method: BCIO Head Office selects and determines the finalists with the APCC secretariat. The BCIO Head Office will announce the selection result by the end of June 2024. 

Contact: BCIO Head Office

(c/o The Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in FUKUOKA)

1-4-13-6F, Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0073, Japan
TEL: (+81) 92-710-6102

FAX: (+81) 92-710-6103


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