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Guideline for 2019 BCIO Head Office Member Application

The BRIDGE CLUB International Organization (BCIO) is planning to re-invite a few former PAs who are proven active leaders within the BRIDGE CLUBs (BCs) to the 2019 Peace Ambassador Program, as BCIO Head Office Member (HOM). If you are a highly motivated person and are interested to become a BCIO HOM, please read through the following information and send us the necessary information before the due date.

Invitation Purpose

1. To Develop past PA’s to become BCIOs future management team.

On APCCs 30th anniversary, BCIO announced its new organizational structure to help to further develop the BCIO and strengthen the BC network. The new management committee of the BCIO is managed by former Junior Ambassadors who have been continuously involved in developing the BCIO. We strongly believe that it is important to run BCIO with a global perspective developed by multi-national BC leaders. To nurture such leaders, we invite former Peace Ambassadors to apply to experience managing the PA program and then in the future move onto becoming a part of the BCIO management team.

2. To Guide New PAs

Since past PA’s are experienced at leading BC activities in their country/region, they know the challenges faced. Using those experiences, the selected BCIO HOM will work with the new PA’s and share their skills to develop them into becoming strong BC leaders. Moreover, they can strengthen the network between the participating countries/regions and they can also follow up with new PAs after the PA program in APCC BRIDGE Summer Camp.

3. To Motivate Members

BCIO Head Office Members need to be driven motivators. They need to encourage everyone around them and have strong communication skills.  It is important that this motivation is not only evident whilst at the PA program but also throughout the following years. BCIO HOM’s need to continuously communicate and motivate PA’s to complete the common activity and strengthen their BC’s back home. Through this the BCIO HOM’s will deepen friendships and be a good influence for future BCIO HOM’s and the BCIO network as a whole.

Number of new BCIO HO Members to be accepted:  2

Invitation Schedule: July 14th 2019 (Sun) until July 25th 2019 (Thurs). This is the same period as the APCC BRIDGE Summer Camp 2019. * former called as APCC Invitation Project.

Participation Criteria:

1. Must have taken part in a previous APCC as a PA.

* Those who have already been BCIO Head Office Member are NOT eligible for selection.

2. Must belong to your local BC and have been playing an active role within it.

3. Must have experienced the management of your BC.

4. Must be responsible for planning and executing complete PA sessions for 2019 PA program.

5. Must carry out the PA Program under direct supervision from APCC and BCIO.

6. Must have a strong will to become a part of the BCIO management team after the one year HOM position.

7. Agree to be the MC (anchor) as per required during the full PA program.

8. Must make every effort to complete above-mentioned purposes.

9. Must adhere to the whole PA Program schedule and be able to take the flights designated by the APCC/BCIO within the above schedule. Must refrain from taking part in transactions designed for personal gain or any activities that fall outside the APCC/BCIO objectives (ex. Commercial transactions, religious missions, etc.). *Requests such as extending your stay or changing of your host family for personal reasons will not be accepted.

10. Must be of sound mind and body

i) Must handle daily issues independently, such as taking medicine if he/she has a chronic illness.

ii) Must not have severe asthma or allergies that are difficult to control.

*APCC will not be able to provide any care or satisfy special needs for participants with a health issue, including food allergies.

iii) For Female Applicants only;

Must not be pregnant or must not show any sign of pregnancy. If a female applicant becomes pregnant after her selection as a BCIO HOM, the APCC will cancel her invitation in order to secure the safety of the mother and unborn child. In such cases, please contact the APCC/BCIO office immediately.

11. Must adhere to the RULES as noted below:

i) Not to pester your Host Family to take you sightseeing or shopping unless the family is willing to.

ii) Parents/relatives are not allowed to accompany the BCIO HOM to Fukuoka.

iii) Must adhere to the rules of your Host Family. Unless in an emergency situation, refrain from contacting friends/family via telephone, email, etc. during the PA program and your home stay.

iv) Do not leave your delegation during the journey to and from Fukuoka, or while staying in Fukuoka.

Application Deadline: January 10 (Thursday) 2019, 18:00 (Japan time)

Necessary document for BCIO HO Member application:

Any applications that do not meet these guidelines, (eg. incomplete documents, overdue submission, using old Application Form, and so forth) will not be accepted.

The following documents are required for BCIO HO Member application:

a. Application Form (Download the application form from here Application Form For BCIO Head Office Member 2019.

Be careful not to use the old version application form).

b. Must submit a recommendation letter from your BC President. If you are a BC President, then get the recommendation letter from your BC member (he/she must be former Peace Ambassador).

How to apply: Send all the required documents by email. Email to:

Selection method: BCIO Head Office selects and determines the finalists with the APCC secretariat. The BCIO Head Office will announce the selection result by the end of January 2019.

Registration Fee

Each selected BCIO Head Office Member has to pay the registration fee of US$ 100 (One hundred US Dollars) to join the 31st APCC. We will collect the fee in cash in US dollars during the Orientation Camp. We do NOT accept credit cards or checks.

The APCC or your Host Family will cover the following BCIO HOM expenses:

1. Round-trip airfare including airport tax between Fukuoka and the airport of departure as chosen by the APCC.

2. Transportation within Japan as designated by the APCC or your Host Family.

3. Accommodation in Japan or abroad as designated by the APCC or your Host Family.

4. Meals during the entire stay in Fukuoka

* During homestay, there might be chances that BCIO HOM will have time on their own due to their host families’ conditions such as their work schedule. In those cases, the BCIO HOM is expected to bear his/her own expenses like travel costs or for their own meal.

Note: The following expenses will not be paid by the APCC

1. Domestic transportation fees between the participants’ homes and your local airport

2. Expenses incurred for obtaining a passport and/or visa

3. Any other personal expenses

Insurance for injury and illness during the APCC:

1. The APCC will purchase an insurance policy for each participant.

2. The insurance will cover the participants for all injuries and illnesses incurred during the trip.

The coverage will begin when the participants leave the designated airport and will run continuously until they arrive back at the airport upon completion of the APCC.

◆ Dental treatment and chronic illness such as asthma are NOT covered by this insurance policy. Thus, any expenses incurred and the medicine for the chronic illness will need to be covered by the individual, not by the APCC. If you have some medicine you take for the chronic illness, please make sure to bring it to Japan.

Contact: BCIO Head Office

(c/o The Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in FUKUOKA)

1-10-1-5F Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001 Japan

TEL: +81-92-734-7700           

FAX: +81-92-734-7711


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