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BC Activities Report


2017/04/13 [BRIDGE CLUB Maldives]
APCC Mission Project - Spring 2017
2017/04/03 [BRIDGE CLUB India]
Valentine's Day program with senior citizens
2017/04/03 [BRIDGE CLUB India]
Women's Day Celebration
2017/03/21 [BRIDGE CLUB Japan]
March meeting report
2017/02/21 [BRIDGE CLUB Japan]
February meeting: Preparation for Travel 'Lookouts'



2012/06/12 [BRIDGE CLUB Laos]
Welcomed chaperon 2010 to visit PA 2012 in Savannakhet province
2011/08/05 [BRIDGE CLUB Sri Lanka]
Support to the JA Training 2011
2011/04/02 [BRIDGE CLUB Sri Lanka]
Mission Project 2011
2012/05/30 [BRIDGE CLUB Laos]
Children's Day Celebration Report
2012/01/28 [BRIDGE CLUB Russia]
Information about BC Russia