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BC Activities Report


2019/03/28 [BRIDGE CLUB Taiwan]
The 10th (final) Wing Kids Study Tour in Taiwan
2019/03/05 [BRIDGE CLUB Hawaii]
Makiki Loop Trail Hike with Blue Zones Project
2019/02/02 [BRIDGE CLUB Maldives]
Annual General Meeting 2019
2019/01/28 [BRIDGE CLUB Pakistan]
Roadside Activity - Lahore Division
2019/01/21 [BRIDGE CLUB Hawaii]
BCH volunteers at JASH (LO) for 2019 JA selection process



2019/01/11 [BRIDGE CLUB Russia]
2019/01/06 [BRIDGE CLUB Laos]
BCL meeting 2018
2018/11/29 [BRIDGE CLUB Russia]
Informing 10-11 year old children about APCC
2018/11/19 [BRIDGE CLUB Russia]
The RENEWAL meeting to talk about everything.
2012/06/12 [BRIDGE CLUB Laos]
Welcomed chaperon 2010 to visit PA 2012 in Savannakhet province